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In my academic and professional journey, I've worked to contribute to economics and finance, and impact the community. I've studied global economic challenges, analyzed China's carbon policies and Toyota's global strategy, which were published. My corporate finance and valuation studies, honed during an internship at The Development Bank of Singapore, equipped me with practical skills. I've led teams, enhancing my leadership skills and ability to explain complex concepts. I've initiated projects targeting Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, raising funds for health and education, and promoted pet adoption through a social media campaign. These experiences have fostered a deep sense of social responsibility in me. My journey has been marked by academic exploration, practical application, leadership, and social contribution, and I am committed to using these experiences to make a significant future impact.

Green Board


These projects encompass in-depth explorations of global economic challenges, China's carbon policies, Toyota's business strategy, and corporate finance. Each study demonstrates a commitment to academic rigor, practical application, and the generation of actionable insights to address complex issues.

Addressing Global Economic Challenges: Insights and Solutions

Diving deep into the pressing financial issues of the modern world, a comprehensive analysis was conducted in collaboration with Adjunct Professor Kenneth Bigel of NYU. The study focused on budget deficits, the environmental impact of cryptocurrency, and the effects of international conflict on economic markets. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges posed by the post-Covid reality, the research aimed to propose effective strategies to mitigate the negative effects of these current financial issues. The culmination of this investigation is encapsulated in the paper titled, 'An Investigation into Three of the World’s Most Pressing Economic Issues as of 2022', offering insightful perspectives and practical solutions to these complex economic problems.

An extensive study has been conducted to evaluate China's carbon emission policies, involving meticulous research on carbon emission data and recent national policies aimed at contributing to the carbon reduction goals. This research provides a critical examination of the impact of carbon on China's economy, offering a new perspective on the country's environmental policies and their economic implications. The findings of this research are scheduled to be published in the 15th edition of the Economic Daily's China Economic Review (2022) under the title "Research on the Impact of Carbon on China's Economy" (ISSN:2096-8345). This study marks a significant contribution to the understanding of China's carbon emission policies and their impact on the nation's economy.

Assessing the Impact of Carbon Policies on China's Economy: A Comprehensive Study

Strategic Analysis and Proposal for Toyota's Global Expansion

The analysis of Toyota’s business strategy was meticulously conducted to identify potential weaknesses in their global expansion policy. This comprehensive evaluation led to the proposal of a robust plan aimed at enhancing the company's global competitiveness. The results of this insightful study were deemed so impactful that they were chosen for publication in the esteemed 2022 Business Management, Marketing and Foreign Trade Conference. This prestigious event took place in November 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany, bringing together top minds in the field from around the world.

In a quest to deeply understand corporate finance, a comprehensive study of foundational concepts, including financial statement analysis, was undertaken under the expert guidance of Pedro Saffi, a renowned professor of Financial Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School. This educational journey involved exploring the intricacies of various valuation models such as WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) and APV (Adjusted Present Value). These concepts were learned in depth during the seminar titled "What Is a Company Worth" - a comprehensive study of corporate valuation and profitability.

The learning experience was further enhanced by leading a team to conduct a case study. This leadership role brought forth opportunities to challenge and enhance understanding of financial themes, with a focus on elucidating these complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. This combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application has provided a robust foundation in corporate finance and valuation.

Delving into Corporate Finance and Valuation: A Journey of Learning and Leadership

Silhouette with Mountains


These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to global health, education, and community service. The PBIC project and Malaria Elimination in Africa Initiative tackled health challenges in Ghana, while Youth for Africa provided educational support in multiple African countries. The social media project promoted pet adoption, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to public service.

Public Benefit International Challenge (PBIC) Project

The Public Benefit International Challenge (PBIC) project was a concentrated endeavor focusing on the creation of a public service project addressing Sustainable Development Goals. These included zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, and gender equality, specifically in African countries. Collaboration was established with local hospitals in Accra, Ghana, to deliver free anti-malaria treatment and provide health-related educational materials to children under the age of 5.

Malaria Elimination in Africa Initiative

The Malaria Elimination in Africa Initiative was founded to continue the work initiated during the PBIC challenge. A cooperative relationship was established between donors and local hospitals in Accra, Ghana, providing free anti-malarial treatment to children in Accra, Ghana, who were infected with malaria. Over $30,000 has been raised and donated to date, with plans to extend the impact during the upcoming summer.

Youth for Africa was established as a club with over 10 members recruited to provide educational and pharmaceutical assistance to impoverished communities in Kenya, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. To enhance impact, lectures were organized with Ghana’s ambassador to China, providing students with firsthand insight into the decision-making process of leaders.

Youth for Africa

Fostering Compassion: A Social Media Initiative for Pet Adoption

An Instagram account was established and managed, garnering over 500 followers, with the aim of assisting in the placement of stray cats and dogs into loving host families. This initiative involved a strategic partnership with the animal shelter, "Furry Tales". Through this collaboration, daily information posters about the animals were shared on Instagram, effectively generating interest in pet adoption. The initiative not only provided a platform for these stray animals to find new homes, but also raised awareness about the importance of pet adoption in the community.




From January to March 2021, an enriching internship experience was undertaken at The Development Bank of Singapore in the Overseas Wealth Management Training Program. This program provided an in-depth exploration into foundational concepts of overseas banking, wealth management, investment portfolio building, and other financial operations. Notably, a mock wealth-management planning session was conducted for high-net-worth clients, utilizing case studies of both domestic and foreign investment products. This practical experience offered valuable insights into the dynamics of wealth management and the intricacies of investment strategies in a global context.

Exploring Wealth Management: An Internship Experience at The Development Bank of Singapore




Varsity Basketball

As the team captain of the Varsity Basketball, a remarkable journey in sportsmanship was embarked upon. The role involved fostering a sense of unity and enhancing teamwork among the members, which not only led to a significant improvement in collective performance but also served as a stress-reliever and a source of enjoyment during leisure time. This synergy and leadership culminated in a crowning achievement - clinching the first rank in the prestigious Beijing International Youths Basketball League.

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